DSE Graph Database “Is” relation representation in groovy

enter image description here]1,

I am having difficulty, in understanding this Graph.
I understand that

Org and Persons are vertices and ‘has vendor’,’Has Customer’ and ‘Has Employee’ are the Edges, but i am not able to understand what is meant by “isMerchant” here in the picture attached

the name is quite intuitive, the Org is of Type Merchant,

but how can i represent the same in Groovy ?

something thing like this for edge

 schema.edgeLabel('Has Vendor').connection('Org',

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database – Squeryl: Reference to parent object in OneToMany relation

For example, we have 2 classes: Parent and Child. And OneToMany relation between them. And both classes have fields like:

 lazy val childs = SomeSchema.childToParentRelation.leftStateful(this)

In PARENT class


lazy val parent = SomeSchema.childToParentRelation.right(this).single

In CHILD class

When i try to access from parent to child, i can use “parent.childs.toList” and get all child objects. Than, i use one of them and try to get parent. Okay, but it create NEW object of parent insted of just return exist parent object. It’s vary bad for performance. How to fix it?

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