Facebook is dropping $1 billion on video, and that’s pretty great news

For years now, media companies have hoped and prayed that Facebook would get serious about shelling out cash to partners.

Looks like that time has come.

Facebook is reportedly prepared to spend up to $1 billion on video as part of its big move into original content, exemplified by its recent launch of Watch (Mashable is a Watch partner). 

The news, reported by the Wall Street Journal, will come as sweet relief for many media companies that have found huge audiences on Facebook but little in the way of actual revenue. Facebook has slowly inched forward with some programs that shared ad revenue on things like Facebook Instant Articles, but had resisted cutting checks directly to media companies.

That started to change about a year ago when Facebook launched its Live video project with some media partners who were paid to produce content. Now, Facebook Watch features a variety of partners who are receiving payments for original video. 

Watch so far has been a relatively small experiment, but $1 billion is a decent chunk of cash, and follows on a similar report about Apple’s growing ambition to make original video. Apple, however, is reportedly looking for only a handful of major projects. 

It’s also a drop in the bucket compared to the budgets of companies like Netflix and Amazon, who are each laying out tens of billions of dollars in the pursuit. 

Those budgets, however, aren’t going to smaller publishers. Facebook’s, it would seem for now, is — at least for now. 91df c9ab%2fthumb%2f00001

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Tomi Lahren is headed to Fox News

Tomi Lahren speaks at Politicon in Los Angeles, on June 26, 2016.
Tomi Lahren speaks at Politicon in Los Angeles, on June 26, 2016.

Image: Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

Is a story breaking news if it’s felt inevitable for months?

Tomi Lahren is headed to Fox News as a contributor, where she will now get to shout various right-wing things to a much larger (and largely friendly) audience, reports Variety

Lahren will make her Fox debut on Wednesday on anchor Sean Hannity’s show, where Lahren fans are likely to find her for months to come.

Lahren also shared a Facebook post announcing her new role.

The announcement shows that Lahren’s social media stardom has officially translated to the mainstream, despite being fired from her earlier platform on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze

Lahren got canned after expressing a pro-choice opinion on The View in March, but her fame had never been tethered to any particular conservative outlet. 

Lahren’s Facebook page has nearly 4.5 million likes on the platform. She also has more than 700,000 followers on Twitter. Additionally, her “Final Thoughts” videos have wracked up millions upon millions of views. 

That social media staying power has led her to the TV ranting promised land. Who knows where she’ll go from there.

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Fox News stopped broadcasting in the UK and frankly nobody will miss it anyway

Fox News is no more — at least in the UK. And it doesn’t look like there are many people who will miss it.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned TV channel has been turned off across the pond because its viewership was low. Like, astonishingly low. 

U.S. media group 21st Century Fox said it would stop broadcasting the pro-Trump channel because it attracted only about 2,000 viewers a day in the country. 

“[Fox] has decided to cease providing a feed of Fox News Channel in the UK,” a spokeswoman for the company told The Guardian

“Fox News is focused on the US market and designed for a US audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the UK. We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the UK.”

The company said the decision to pull Fox News is unrelated to Murdoch’s £۱۱٫۷ billion ($15.1 billion) takeover bid for Sky. Fox already controls 39% of Sky, but it wants to take a majority stake. Culture secretary Karen Bradley is due to take a decision on whether to refer Fox’s Sky takeover bid to the competition regulator. 

A quick look at the viewing data for the first week of August shows Fox News at 0.01% of the share, in the same section as Flava, Geo Kahani, and Horse & Country: 

Still, there were at least two people lamenting the end of Fox News on Twitter: 

Image: screenshot/twitter

Sorry guys!

WATCH: Smiling rescued donkey is so happy to be back on solid ground

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اسکریپت اشتراک گذاری اخبار کوتاه Infini News

اسکریپت اشتراک گذاری اخبار کوتاه Infini NewsReviewed by M J on Aug 30Rating: 4.0اسکریپت اشتراک گذاری اخبار کوتاه Infini Newsاسکریپت Infini News را هم می توان به عنوان اخبار شخصی استفاده کرد که در بالا توضیح دادیم و هم می توان در حال عمومی که تمام کاربران خبر های مربوط به یک حوزه مشخص شده را با دیگران به اشتراک می گذارند. اسکریپت Infini News هیچ نیازی به دیتابیس ندارد و به راحتی با چندکلیک ساده فعال و آماده کار می شود. این سیستم بسیار ساده و سبک می باشد که باعث بارگذاری سریع صفحات می شود.

Infini News نام یک اسکریپت حرفه ای و جدید در زمینه ثبت و مشاهده اخبار می باشد که مورد استفاده افراد با مشاغل مختلف قرار می گیرد. برای مثال یک برنامه نویس و یا طراح سایت جهت درج اخبار شخصی، کاری و عمومی خود نیاز به یک سیستم ساده دارد تا خبرهای جدیدش را در آن وارد کند. فرد به راحتی و در زمانی کم متن خبر خود را درج و برروی سایت ارسال می کند. از این اسکریپت می توان در دو حال متفاوت یعنی صفحه جداگانه به عنوان بخش خبری کوتاه و همچنین یک وبسایت کامل استفاده کرد.


اسکریپت Infini News را هم می توان به عنوان اخبار شخصی استفاده کرد که در بالا توضیح دادیم و هم می توان در حال عمومی که تمام کاربران خبر های مربوط به یک حوزه مشخص شده را با دیگران به اشتراک می گذارند. اسکریپت Infini News هیچ نیازی به دیتابیس ندارد و به راحتی با چندکلیک ساده فعال و آماده کار می شود. این سیستم بسیار ساده و سبک می باشد که باعث بارگذاری سریع صفحات می شود.اسکریپت-اشتراک-گذاری-اخبار-کوتاه-infini-news.jpg


برخی امکانات اسکریپت اشتراک گذاری اخبار کوتاه Infini News :

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  • و…

به کانال تلگرام بیست اسکریپت بپیوندید !

دانلود نسخه : ۲٫۰

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اسکریپت نیاز به نصب و دیتابیس ندارد کافیست آن را در هر کجا مایل به نمایش آن هستید آپلود نمایید.

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Facebook is going after one of the big ways fake news spreads

Less fake news should appear in News Feed.
Less fake news should appear in News Feed.


Facebook is continuing its crackdown on fake news. 

The social network Monday announced Facebook Pages will no longer be able to advertise on the site if they repeatedly share news articles that are marked as false by third-party fact-checking organizations. Page owners can win back the ability to run ads if they later choose to act responsibly. 

The move would limit one of the big ways that fake news spreads, since paying to boost posts is a big way for publishers to get stories in front of more people.

“We want people to stay informed on friends, family, and topics they care about on Facebook, and false news damages trust,” said Rob Leathern, product manager at Facebook. “This is mostly about removing incentivizes for the creation of false news.”

This update limits a user’s ability to growth hack a Facebook Page, as in gain followers (or Facebook “likes”) by sharing fake (but highly-engaging) news articles. Paying for Facebook ads allowed these fake news articles to appear in users’ News Feeds. 

Facebook introduced a partnership with third-party fact-checkers, months after CEO Mark Zuckerberg belittled the impact of fake news on the 2016 presidential election. Shortly after the election, Zuckerberg wrote “more than 99% of what people see is authentic. Only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes.”

Since that claim, Facebook has taken several steps to lessen the abundance of fake news on the network. Other moves include shutting down the bot networks used to defraud advertisers and suppressing links from websites with bad ad experiences. 

Facebook has broken up its fight against fake news into three buckets: disrupting economic incentives, building new products, and helping people make informed decisions.

The most recent change falls into the first category. Still, Facebook remains steadfast against being an arbiter of truth. Pages can regain the ability to advertise and are not banned.   

“It is possible that someone could inadvertently share something, so we want to make sure that it is a repeated behavior,” Leathern said. “We want there to be an incentive: good maintenance. If they no longer are sharing [fake] stories, they can regain the ability. A repeated pattern of this occurring has a consequence.”

Facebook declined to share an exact estimate of the financial impact. The company earned $9.32 billion in the second quarter of 2017, the majority of which comes from mobile advertising

“I think overall the order of magnitude of the size of this is relatively small,” Leathern said. e79c aad5%2fthumb%2f00001

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A German news magazine just gave us the most shocking Donald Trump cover yet

Trump speaking at press conference following Charlottesville attack.
Trump speaking at press conference following Charlottesville attack.


Magazines have never held back when it came to depicting Donald Trump on their covers, but a German news publication has taken presidential trolling to the next level.

The latest cover for Stern, a German magazine, abandons any shred of subtlety — showing a lifelike image of Trump doing a Nazi salute while draped in American flag.


Following Trump’s controversial stance on Charlottesville and his delayed response to condemn the violent behavior of neo-Nazis and white supremacists, other magazines featured similar KKK motifs — however, they’ve mostly been cartoons.

Stern’s jarring image of Trump, on the other hand, is so realistic looking it could give you chills.

The text over Trump reads “Sein Kampf,” or “His Fight/Struggle” — a clear reference to Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf,” which translates to “My Struggle.”

The text below the headline translates to “Neo-Nazis, Ku-Klux-Klan, racism: How Donald Trump fights hatred in America.”

Stern’s depiction heavily implies that Trump is “fighting hatred” by standing up for Nazis himself, as shown when the president equated protesters with white supremacists, showing sympathy in a recent press conference.

In the days after Charlottesville, The Economist, The New Yorker, and TIME also took bold visual stands against the president with covers featuring KKK hoods, and The New York Daily News highlighted Trump calling those at the Nazi rally “very fine people.”

It’s certainly not the first time Trump has been called out on a cover, and it likely won’t be the last. In the past Trump’s immigration ban and relations with Russia have also come under fire, each imagine consistently proving to be worth far more than a thousand words.

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CNN bets Snapchat kids won’t be bored by hard news

Snapchat’s news section Discover frequently features Kim Kardashian photos, dog photos, Kylie Kardashian photos, iPhones photos, and Kourtney Kardashian photos. 

CNN is hoping that hard news can break through all that click-y content. On Monday, the news outlet released its new Snapchat show The Update. The show will feature a daily news show every night at 6 p.m. ET as well as breaking news segments throughout the day exclusively on the app. 

CNN’s move is an overhaul of the company’s previous work on Snapchat and aligns with Snap Inc.’s big bet in TV-like content. Just last month, NBC News launched Stay Tuned, its twice-daily news show for Snapchat. 

Since Snapchat Discover’s launch in January 2015, CNN’s Snapchat channel has featured a selection of written news articles.

But now, CNN on Snapchat is looking way more like television. The new show will feature CNN anchors and correspondents around the world speaking to the camera just as they would for TV. That will be mixed with graphics and split-screen clips about the topics. 

For Snapchat users, consuming CNN is less about reading words on a screen and more about tuning into a three-or-so minute news segment on their smartphones. Each episode for The Update will feature five or more stories. 

The experience is like everything else Snapchat users do on the app but with one major difference. To really get the most of CNN’s show, viewers need to have their sound on. That’s a necessary evil as Snap competes to provide high-quality, short-form content and pull from the $70 billion trapped in TV advertising in the U.S. 

CNN’s The Update is the latest development in Snap Inc.’s effort to excite users and bring in more revenue. Snap posted another disappointing quarter of earnings earlier this month. Snapchat’s 173 million daily active users look pitiful next to the 250 million people using Instagram’s Snapchat-clone Stories every day. Snap’s average revenue per user remains tiny compared to Facebook’s and Google’s treasure chests of digital advertising dollars.  

But the question is: Do people on Snapchat want to consume breaking news content on an app that they use for taking selfies, funny photos, and texting? Snapchat’s other shows like ABC’s The Bachelor, E!’s Life of Kylie, and MTV’s Girl Code are much more lifestyle. Even NBC’s Stay Tuned has featured pop news since its launch. 

According to Snapchat and to CNN, the answer is yes. 

“It’s more critical than ever that Snapchatters have access to the best journalism in the world, right when news breaks, and we’re excited to watch CNN deliver that to them through The Update,” Sean Mills, senior director of content programming for Snapchat, said in a statement. 

Snapchat can point to some successes with hard news shows in the app. NBC’s show Stay Tuned has pulled in more than 29 million unique viewers since launching July 18. Good Luck America, a political news show anchored by Snap’s head of news Peter Hamby, has garnered more than 5 million viewers each episode. 

That overall viewership is comparable to TV news—though it’s no apple-to-apples comparison. But Snapchat does have a unique audience, not commonly known for tuning into TV. Nearly 75 percent of the audience for Good Luck America is under the age of 25,.

That millennial attention is good for CNN. 

“We are introducing our brilliant cast of world class anchors and reporters to a young audience in a smart, accessible way with ‘The Update,'” Samantha Barry, CNN’s executive producer for social and emerging media, said in a statement. “In today’s news environment, people are hungry for news and they want a quick update of where things are at within one tap of their phone.”

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Facebook is finally purging annoying fake videos from your News Feed

No more fake videos on Facebook
No more fake videos on Facebook

Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Say goodbye to annoying fake Facebook videos.

The social network is tweaking its algorithm so you’ll see static memes disguised as videos and images with fake play buttons way less often. 

Spammers have been flooding the site with these trick formats to take advantage of Facebook’s fanatical focus on promoting video above other types of content. Uploading single images as videos can earn the poster advertising money, and photos made to look like videos can lead users to sketchy sites with malicious ads.

An example of a photo with a fake play button that leads to a sketchy website.

An example of a photo with a fake play button that leads to a sketchy website.

“People want to see accurate information on Facebook, and so do we,” the company said in a statement. 

Expect to see less misleading videos as Facebook implements the changes in the coming weeks.

“People want to see accurate information on Facebook, and so do we”

Facebook has been pushing hard for the past couple years to grow the platform’s volume of videos, which command much higher prices from advertisers than other content. 

But despite Facebook’s phenomenal video growth, the company is only now starting to iron out kinks like pirated videos and deceptive practices.

The push is also part of Facebook’s bigger effort to crack down on all types of misleading content, which started after it was blamed for spreading fake news during the presidential election. Other updates have included suppressing links to sites with intrusive ads and shutting down bait-and-switch ads.

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Not even Fox News could find a Republican willing to defend Trump

Following the disastrous (to say the last) press conference President Donald Trump gave Tuesday on Charlottesville and white supremacy, his political allies were few and far between. So few, in fact, even Fox News apparently could not track any down.

Shep Smith, Fox News’ chief breaking news anchor and something of the network’s conscience, said on Wednesday afternoon that his booking team had reached out to “Republicans of all stripes,” but could not get one person to come on the network and defend the president’s comments.  

Not. One. Person. 

“Let’s be honest, Republicans often don’t really mind coming on Fox News Channel,” Smith said candidly. “We couldn’t get anyone to come and defend him here.”

Some on the internet were praising Smith’s display of, you know, normalcy following Trump’s heinous comments:

However, many members of Fox News’ loyal audience once again called for Smith to be fired:

Smith has come under fire with Trump supporters previously for calling out Trump’s bogus Obama wiretapping claim, and for his (understandable) reaction to Donald Trump Jr.’s recent Russia scandal. 

While Fox News’ regular blind support of Trump will surely return soon, we’re grateful for the respite. ace9 8a16%2fthumb%2f00001

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