c# – Issue outputting text to textBox (WinForms)

It’s my first time using winforms. I’m having some issues.

   public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

        private void TextBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


        private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            textBox1.Text = "FORM1";
            textBox1.AppendText("SOME TEXT");

I’ve tried this. My textbox is set to fill so it fills up the whole form. I set the multi-line propery to true and dock property to fill.

From what I can try as a first time WinForms user, the Form1_Load should run as soon as the form is created. I’ve tried some various ways to print text, nothing works. I noticed visual studios says “0 references” next to my function. I’m not sure what this means, maybe part of my issue? Please help.

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enter image description here

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javascript – OnChange event not firing from textbox in gridview

I have a textbox in gridview .I want the OnChange event to trigger and want to make validation comparing the value of textbox and grid cell[2] th value. My OnChange event does not seem to fire. My Javascript and the code is given below:


 <asp:GridView ID="gvGoodReceived" PagerStyle-CssClass="bs-pagination" AutoGenerateColumns="false"
                    runat="server" CssClass="table table-striped table-bordered table-hover" DataKeyNames="ID" OnRowDataBound="gvGoodReceived_RowDataBound"
                    EmptyDataText="There are no data records to display.">
                          <asp:BoundField ItemStyle-CssClass="displaynone" HeaderStyle-CssClass="displaynone"
                            HeaderText="ItemID" DataField="ItemID" />
                         <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Item Name" DataField="Item"/>
                        <asp:BoundField HeaderText="PO Qty" DataField="POQty" />
                        <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Return Qty" DataField="ReturnQty" />
                        <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Already Recevied Qty" DataField="AlreadyReceiveQty" />
                        <asp:BoundField HeaderText="QC Qty" DataField="QCQty" />
                        <%--<asp:BoundField HeaderText="Amount" DataField="Amount" />--%>
                        <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Current Received Qty">
                                   <HeaderStyle CssClass="headerStyle" Width="20%" />
                                       <ItemStyle CssClass="TableCellStyle" />
                                              <asp:TextBox ID="txtrcvQuantity" runat="server"  CssClass="form-control formcontroloverride"  onchange="validrcvQuantity(this.value)"></asp:TextBox>


<script type="text/javascript">
  function validrcvQuantity(textvalue) {

      var rcvQuantity = document.getElementById('txtrcvQuantity').value;

      var gvGoodReceived = document.getElementById('gvGoodReceived');

      for (i = 1; i <= gvGoodReceived.rows.length; i++) {
          var currentRow = gvGoodReceived.rows[i];

          if (rcvQuantity > currentRow.cells[2].value) {

              alert(" Receive Quantity must be eqaul or less of PO quantity");


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python – How to create a user created textbox on top of matplotlib figure?


I’m making this software right plot data as boxplots and scatter plots. To make the graph more informative and clear I wanted the user to be able to drag-create a textbox on top of the figure if they wanted to add notes. This way when people share the figure it can be explained through these notes.

Current Approach and Problem

I have used annotate function to create a textbox in the upper right corner of the screen to tell the user how many data points have been used, but there are of few problems with this approach.

  1. Extensive input that would have to be asked of the user
  2. Create a separate UI to ask for position variables, and type a QTextEdit in another screen
  3. User has to know pixel positions of the figure

This is incredibly inefficient and inflexible. I want a way for the user to EASILY create these notes on the plot figure.

TLDR: Is there any way to develop a simple drag and create textbox option on a plot figure?

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