vhdl – Issue in running a RTL Analysis-schematic view in Vivado 2016.4

Firstly, I am working on a VHDL file in Vivado 2016.4 on my Dell Latitude e5410 laptop, window 10-pro 64 bit,i5(don’t know if it is important since i have run into this issue in other computers). It is a simple one since I am new to this program. There are no errors on my VHDL file and I can run Synthesis and Implementation without issues. The problem is I can’t access the schematic of what I have written. When I am trying to run Schematic from RTL Analysis, it seems like it does the process but after that it returns me to the Project Summary without any error or message and does not open the schematic. After that i can’t access the schematic anymore unless I close the program/file and re-open it. Has somebody else run into this issue and knows a way to solve this?
Thank you.

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conditional – If statement issue, not adding values

For the if commercial statement: if I enter 1500 for usage, it prints out “Total amount due: 22.560.0” but it should be 22.5+60.0 (82.5). Any ideas on what I am doing wrong??

    // user input
    Scanner kb = new Scanner(;
    System.out.println("Enter the type of use ('R', 'C', or 'I'): ");
    char userType =;  // should be R, C, or I
    System.out.println("How much electricity do you use (in kwh)? ");
    double usage = kb.nextDouble();   // usage amount in kwh

    // if residential
    if (userType == 'R')
        System.out.println("Total amount due: " + (RES_RATE*usage)+RES_FEE);

    // if commercial
    if (userType == 'C')
        if (usage <= COM_LIMIT)
            System.out.println("Total amount due: " + COM_FEE);
            System.out.println("Total amount due: " + ((usage-COM_LIMIT)*COM_RATE)+COM_FEE);


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angular – Using extJs inside angular4. Geting context releated issue

*I am getting this issue when i am using ext inside angular. *

    //I just sharing example what i am trying to do with ext and angular.

            import { Component } from '@angular/core';
              selector: 'faxEmail',
               providers: [HomeService,CommonService],
            export class FaxEmail {
            // here i am creating typescript class

               //this is simple JavaScript function 
                      var sayHello=function(){
//this function i am trying to call
        //Here i am geting issue because this is using the angular //context


// same scenario i am geting when using ext inside angular how to solve //this .?

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c# – Issue outputting text to textBox (WinForms)

It’s my first time using winforms. I’m having some issues.

   public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()

        private void TextBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


        private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            textBox1.Text = "FORM1";
            textBox1.AppendText("SOME TEXT");

I’ve tried this. My textbox is set to fill so it fills up the whole form. I set the multi-line propery to true and dock property to fill.

From what I can try as a first time WinForms user, the Form1_Load should run as soon as the form is created. I’ve tried some various ways to print text, nothing works. I noticed visual studios says “0 references” next to my function. I’m not sure what this means, maybe part of my issue? Please help.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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javascript – Dealing with filter settings / design issue

I am still in the process on learning Ionic 3, and have a design question on how to best store and handle filter settings in my Test app. It’s more a general question though and not mainly related to Ionic 3.

Problem description:

I have a list of movies, each belongs to a category.

I have a filter menu which lets me pick the categories to filter the movies with.

Hence, I have two collections, a MovieCollection and a CategoryCollection (minimized sample):

MovieCollection = [
      {moviename: 'Some Movie',
       shortname: 'Some',
       category: 'action'},
      {moviename: 'Another Movie',
       shortname: 'Another',
       category: 'thriller'},
      {moviename: 'Movie 3',
       shortname: 'No 3',
       category: 'comedy'}]

Categories = ['action', 'comedy', 'thriller', 'drama', 'adventure']

Now to perform the filtering, I was thinking of two approaches:

Option 1) Store the subscriptions in an own collection, such as:

SubscribedCategories = ['action', 'comedy']

Option 2) Store the subscription value simply in the Categories itself. Hence, my Categories collection would hold actual objects insetad:

Categories = [
      {category: 'action',
       subscribed: true},
      {category: 'comedy',
       subscribed: true},
      {category: 'thriller',
       subscribed: false},
      {category: 'drama',
       subscribed: false},
      {category: 'adventure',
       subscribed: false}]

Issues with option 1:

  • When I load the filter page, I would always have to build a new object from the Categories and SubscribedCategories collection in order to show the current filtering with its value
  • When I return from the filter page, I would have to do the same trick to store a new SubscribedCategories collection

Issues with option 2:

  • In order to show only the movies belonging to a subscribed category, I would have perform a find on the Categories collection for every single movie entry in order to determine if the subscribed value is true or false for the particular movie category (as Cateogires in Option 2 holds objects).

I was thinking, as solution, to go for Option 2 but to simply create a local subscribedCategories object similar to Option 1 when I show my Movies list page.

Is there another actual advantage for each option which I am missing out or is there even a better approach to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

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C# + SQL connection issue

I have a problem with connecting SQL base with c# code. I have done the database and tried to display if my columns are visible, there aren’t any problems, warnings, messages in visual studio, but i can’t see data from my base. It is very simple database. I used those tutorial to do this connection:] But, i have made one database. Here is the SQL connection part of the program:

public partial class MainWindow : Window

    SqlConnection connection;
    string connectionString;
    public MainWindow()
        connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["projekt1.Properties.Settings.Database1ConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

    private void MainWindow_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

    private void DisplayBMI()
        using (connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString))
        using (SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM Table ", connection))
            DataTable tabelabmi = new DataTable();

            listbmi.DisplayMemberPath = "bmi";
            listbmi.SelectedValue = "Id";
            listbmi.ItemsSource = tabelabmi.DefaultView;

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Python rounding issue with price and tax

I use a little python script to create my invoices from a html and yaml file to a pdf. The issue here is, that I have some rounding errors, and so my customers pay the wrong price. This is my function:

pos['total_netto_price'] = pos['netto_price'] * pos['amount']
pos['total_tax'] = pos['total_netto_price'] * (pos['tax_rate'] / float(100))
pos['total_brutto_price'] = pos['total_netto_price'] + pos['total_tax']

When I take now the price 0.83 € with amount 10 and 19% tax must the result be 9.99€.
But with my function the result is 9.88€.

So I lost 11 cent. I know that this is a typical rounding issue, but how to fix this?

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firebase – issue with Firbase Auth

I started a project using firebase a month ago, left it in working condition. I’ve opened it up again to begin working on it and have been hit with errors all from Firebase.

The error is Use of unresolved identifier ‘Auth’

I have tried updating pods, clean the project and rebuilding.

I don’t know what else to do, I have tried checking if the Firebase has been updated, it hasn’t, the documentation is still the same.

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javascript – issue with datepicker bootstrap

I am having issues with datepicker bootstrap3. The error I am getting is

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).datetimepicker is not a function
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous>

I literally copy pasted the code from the documentation page yet having error.
Here is the code on js fiddle

Here is the documentation

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utf 8 – Cakephp 3 create i18n table in phpmyadmin issue

I have a problem to create i18n table for CakePHP 3 Translate Behavior. So I have my database in phpmyadmin and when I want to execute this piece of code from the official cookbook :

    id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
    locale varchar(6) NOT NULL,
    model varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    foreign_key int(10) NOT NULL,
    field varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    content text,
    PRIMARY KEY     (id),
    UNIQUE INDEX I18N_LOCALE_FIELD(locale, model, foreign_key, field),
    INDEX I18N_FIELD(model, foreign_key, field)

PhpMyAdmin say :

I’m in uft8_unicode_ci. Should I go for utf8_general_ci?

Thanks for your help.

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