Visualizing OData/REST metadata into a UML/Database Diagram

I’m searching for a tool that will help me visualize an OData service based on its metadata.

I have access to a particular OData service (and metadata), but not the code behind building that service. I’m using REST Clients like Postman to test the service and views its metadata. However, I was hoping one of these clients would have a view where it would visualize the EDMX metadata into a sort of UML Class (database) Diagram.

Being able to visualize all the different entities, keys, and relationships in a large service would be very helpful in both debugging that service and developing front-end code against it.

In my “non-data service” development, I am used to the Entity Framework look within Visual Studio, which displays the EDMX file as a UML Diagram. I tried manually plugging in the metadata from the service into a Visual Studio EDMX file but to no avail: The Entity Model Designer is unable to display the file you requested

With how popular RESTful services are, I”m surprised that it’s been hard to find something to visualize an EDMX file.

Does anyone have any suggestions for places to start looking?

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