javascript – Sync custom countries list and Google Maps API data

I have next issue.

There is a catalog with an items, which are placed somewhere physically. Admins
are “placing” them via Google Maps API – pointing item placement on it. All data saved in DB.

On front I have a searchbox. Searchbox with available geooptions – continents, countries, states/regions, cities. It’s like list. And user can find some object just clicking on desired city,country etc – then moving to search results page obviously.

I’ve come to problem, that my list in searchbox should base on Google Maps place_id’s to provide search ability. But API doesn’t return any lists. It’s just returns one object or place.

While trying to solve puzzle, came to idea to have custom list from for example. But how to get syncronized all cities and stuff with Google Maps data?

Suppose, that sync geoobjects via string names not the best option.

thx in advance

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